Inspire BKC - Ready for unlock

COVID-19 has changed the way we interact, travel and work. To say that life will no longer be the same would be stating the obvious. A key fallout of the lockdown triggered by COVID-19 is the rise of a work from home (WFH) ecosystem promoting many to write obituaries of the “office” as a space.

However, we do believe that while the way we work will change, office spaces are here to stay. It goes without saying that the nature of the office and architecture will be radically reimagined but we feel that the fundamental aspects of work and collaborative energies that come with an office space may not be replicated by a purely WFH ecosystem.

We believe that thoughtfully designed office spaces continue to provide real value to many major brands and corporate houses across industries and services. Our belief was reinforced recently with the entry of a high-profile brand moving into InspireBKC

Reliance Nippon Life Insurance, one of the biggest names in the insurance sector, leased a space at InspireBKC, our premium commercial space at the Bandra Kurla Complex. Reliance Nippon leased an area measuring 26,796 square feet on the fourth floor, which is nearly 62% of the total carpet area of the floor.

At InspireBKC, we have created a space that caters to the needs to those who seek a collaborative office space. InspireBKC has been designed and built in a way to ensure that business is beautifully blended with health, wellness and leisure.

The key mantra behind designing InspireBKC has been to accommodate and anticipate the changes you may face in your business. This key mantra has kept us in good stead as companies seek to lease flexible office spaces as we unlock our economy. We even have exclusive offices with a terrace garden that serves as a picturesque refuge after a hectic day at work. Our high celling to floor height (4.2 meters) provides a sense of space that is crucial in a post lockdown era where undoubtedly social distancing norms will continue to play a role.

We have also taken care to ensure that those working have a healthy work life balance by providing key amenities such as a full-fledged day-care centre with trained attendants. You can drop off their kids before going to work and be rest assured that if in case of any emergency, you would be in the same building. We also have an in house fitness centre with a well equipped gym and trained fitness instructors who will assist you through tailored fitness programmes.

Lastly, InspireBKC has a range of café’s and fine dining options in addition to a food court, allowing you to start your day with a fresh cup of coffee and end it with a succulent dinner with friends after work.

It is brands like this that reinforce the need for a safe, secure and healthy office space where the next big ideas can emerge. As Mumbai begins to unlock, InspireBKC, presents the perfect space to have a post lockdown office.